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Making the decision

Business owners make the decision to sell based on a variety of reasons including:

The decision to sell a business is often more difficult than selling an asset because a business is more than an income – it’s a lifestyle. Ideally plans to sell a company should be made years in advance. This permits time to adjust accounting practices and demonstrate at least a three year track record of maximum profitability.

It is important to remember that minimising tax liability during these years will also minimise the value of your business. Audited statements are the best kind of financial evidence to show to potential buyers because they are easily verified. Additionally, the neatness and aesthetics of the business should not be disregarded. Things like office cleanliness and well organised files can be improved over the years after the decision is made.

Buyers of businesses usually have one of three motives:

These buyers must make several judgements about their position to buy a company beforehand including:

By assessing their own decision in terms of their financial situation, buyers can establish a list of criteria for the businesses they wish to buy and narrow down the field.

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